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The Equipment We Use

Inspect X Inc. has chosen our equipment to provide the maximum benefits to our customers. Our CMM’s vary greatly in size and capabilities to give you, the customer, a vast range of services.

Our abilities range from the tiniest items; such as plastic snaps, gears, and screws utilizing the OGP Flash microscopic optical measuring machine to very large items; such as car frames and large body-side fixtures using one of our Gantry machines.

Our high-accuracy Global Image and Global Advantage are perfect for extra large fixtures and machined parts. Our two large gantry machines can handle molds up to 22,500 Lbs. and our other specialty machines can handle many other requests.

Our mobile hexagon arm with Integrated blue light and red light lasers are perfect for full surface scanning for color imaging and reverse engineering.

All of our machines are tested on a regular basis to ensure that calibration is maintained.

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