Certifications & Awards

Our quality systems have been accredited to the international standard ISO/IEC 17025 since August of 2003. Prior to ISO/IEC 17025, Inspect X was registered to the ISO 9002 quality systems.

2007 Windsor and District Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award for Quality

Front (left to right): Brad Marontate, Barry Marontate. Middle (left to right): Paul Quenneville, Patricia Fell, Heather Lozinsky. Rear (left to right): Keith deBloeme, Faye St. Pierre. Absent: Paul Sparkes

We would like to thank the Windsor and District Chamber of Commerce for bestowing upon us the 2007 Business Excellence Award (Quality). While we have achieved some major accomplishments since our inception, we are particularly proud of this award. Award criteria includes leadership, planning, customer focus, people focus, process management, supplier/partner focus, and overall business perfomance. In addition, measured performance in each of these areas and goal achievement are required submissions.

We have been able to achieve our goals through actively communicating with our customers, developing methods to accurately define uncertainty of measurement, continually upgrading report aesthetics, honouring timelines, maintaining a comfortable and impeccably clean laboratory, offering ongoing professional development, following written procedure, and upholding our integrity and the integrity of results.

Each successful business must have one basic principle that holds true from the very first day the doors are open. building on this principle during economic prosperity and clinging to it during times of hardship and disparity maintains focus. For InspectX, this founding principle has been that of integrity. We have always taken great pride in the integrity of our people and our performance. Integrity is more than simply telling the truth, in our company it is the driving force for continuous improvement.