MayWorks Windsor 2011

After admiring the large open concept design, the high tech equipment and the remarkable cleanliness not typically associated with an industrial building, visitors often comment on the interior walls. To improve the environmental stability of the shop, the original interior block walls were studded, insulated and covered in drywall. Rather than simply cover the block walls, it was decided to extend the wall height to ten feet, cap it with Crown Molding and install dedicated lighting every ten feet for future artwork illumination. The thought behind the concept was that someday Inspect X would open our walls to the College and University students to display their artwork. The launching of the project did not catch on right away, until in 2011 when the MayWorks festival themed “Celebrating Labour and the Arts” requested that Inspect X assist Collette Broeders in displaying her work. Illustrated below are some of Collette’s creations.